24 August 2020

China Foundation Forum publishes translations of the “EFC Principles of Good Practice” and “EFC members’ responses to COVID-19 pandemic”

The China Foundation Forum is a national platform established in 2008 by the China Society for Promotion of Social Organizations and seven foundations interested in pursuing institutional excellence and third sector development.  12 years later, it has become one of the most dynamic, influential and best-known organisations in the third sector, with 25 main foundation members shaping the organising committee, and serving around 8,200 foundations in China.

The Forum has organised the “Exchange Programme for High Representatives of Chinese Foundations” funded by Stiftung Mercator since 2017, paying a visit to the EFC every year for further dialogue and exchange of ideas.

During the global COVID-19 pandemics this year, in order to strengthen communication and cooperation among Chinese foundations and to “improve the ecosystem of the Chinese foundation sector”, the Forum launched a joint initiative, which has been responded to by 233 foundations in China.

To share the experiences of European foundations and offer help others better cope with the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Forum has translated the “EFC members’ responses to the covid-19 pandemic” and “EFC Principles of Good Practice: A Self-Regulatory Tool for Foundations ” into Chinese to share the knowledge and intelligence from European foundations with Chinese foundations.

Forum Secretary General Mr.LYU Quanbin, firmly believes that the experiences and insights of European foundations will be of great help to the development of Chinese foundations.

Download the EFC Principles of Good Practice: A Self-Regulatory tool for Foundations (Chinese version)*

Download the “EFC members’ responses to COVID-19 pandemic” (Chinese version)


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