4 October 2019  -  10 January 2020


SIGNs of CHANGE, created by the SIGN Network marks their 10th anniversary and was on display in Philanthropy House from 4 October to 10 January, 2020.

SIGNs of CHANGE has been created to mark the 10th anniversary of the founding of the SouthEast European Indigenous Grantmakers Network (SIGN), and highlights many of the networks biggest achievements and milestones throughout their 10 year history of operation. The network consists of foundations and philanthropic organisations from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia who partnered together to amplify and improve the development of philanthropy, civil society and cross sector partnerships in the southeastern Europe region.

The exhibition featured images, case studies and more telling the story of many initiatives and projects carried out by the network in the region and part of the story of each member.

The exhibition was opened with an insightful event on 8 October featuring a panel discussion of representatives from the network reflecting upon the previous 10 years, highlighting the success stories, sharing the potholes stumbled into along the way and looking forward to what the future holds for the network.