3 February 2021

Call for consultants for OPN benchmarking project

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The EFC’s Operations Professionals Network (OPN) is seeking an associate consultant to provide intermediary support to its benchmarking activities across key operations domains.

The benchmarking project

Initiated in 2018, the benchmarking project aspires to establish a solid base of comparable information on a key range of indicators at the nexus of philanthropic programmatic output and operations (e.g. annual grantmaking output, average grant size, amount under management per programmatic FTE, travel costs, salaries, office costs etc). In addition to surfacing valuable comparative information to inform decision making, the project aspires to trigger rich discussions unpacking the principled and strategic considerations that drive the numbers. Among the 14 OPN peer organisations, there are areas of convergence but also singularities shaped by the context, organisational make up, and mandate, as some organisations are purely grantmaking entities, while other peer organisations both make grants and operate their own projects.

Significant strides were made in the first two iterations of the project, and now the participating organisations seek professional expertise to help attain their further objectives.


The consultant should have:

  • 3-5 years of consulting experience
  • Significant experience in project management / delivery, and the related stakeholder management
  • Experience developing complex surveys and benchmarking
  • Good knowledge of global philanthropy
  • Excellent problem-solving / analytical skills
  • Track record of delivering quality work in similar projects
  • Collaborative, relationship and influencing skills with a broad set of stakeholders
  • Driven, organised, results-oriented
  • Excellent English writing and oral communication skills
  • Advanced knowledge of Excel and PowerPoint


Qualified and interested parties are asked to submit a proposal demonstrating a thorough understanding of the ToR and include:

  • Consultant/company profile
  • Demonstrated previous experience in similar assignments
  • Description of the methodology
  • Financial proposal, as a lump sum (in EUR) including expert fee and all costs for travelling or other activities related to the performance of the task assigned. A breakdown in sub-categories of the lump sum is required.

This is not a full-time engagement – we envisage the consultant to provide support two days per week for a three-month period (mid-March to mid-June 2021).

The full details of the role, its responsibilities, and key deliverables can be found here.

All submissions, questions, comments, requests for clarifications should be sent to Stefanos Oikonomou by 5 March 2021.