27 April 2020

Assifero gains official accreditation to offer Servizio Civile Universale (Universal Civil Service)

ASSIFERO has obtained the status of national organisation accredited to select, train and manage young people in Servizio civile for 94 organisations with 129 headquarters, in 12 regions of Italy. The result of four years’ work, the accreditation could potentially impact around 400 young people a year.

“Servizio civile” was established in Italy in 2001 replacing the previously compulsory military service. In 2018 a new law made servizio civile “universal”, aiming at guaranteeing to all interested young people (aged 18 to 28) a 12 month professional experience with a non-profit organisation with the aim of boosting their career chances and future prospects. Young people apply annually to a national call and if selected are paid 439 euros per month by the State.

ASSIFERO is currently applying to the public call for proposal for 2020, for a total of 104 young people working with them in 2021, with three programs linked to the SDGs:

  • ‘Handling with Care’ which focuses on healthcare and the well-being of people of all ages (10 projects)
  • ‘Rigenerazione Umana, which focuses on the enhancement of the restored spaces in the process of being restored. The meaning has since been widened to include human regeneration. (8 projects)
  • ‘Educata-mente’ which focuses on education and education disadvantages and gaps (8 projects)



ASSIFERO is the national membership association of Italian grantmaking foundations and private institutional philanthropy. Founded in 2003, it currently supports more then 100 private foundations: family, corporate and community foundations. https://assifero.org/en