11 February 2021

As part of IVAR pledge, 40 UK funders commit to be more open and trusting with grantees

Over 40 UK funders have committed to being more open, flexible and trusting with grantees, as part of a new pledge, #FlexibleFunders, launched by the Institute for Voluntary Action Research (IVAR), in collaboration with London Funders.

The organisations, spread across the UK, are calling on funders to adopt simpler, more flexible practices that make life easier for those they fund, especially as they deal with ongoing crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The pledge itself contains 8 key commitments that form a framework for supporting more open and trusting relationships, and can hopefully be extended beyond the crisis to become standard practice in the sector.

EFC members’ the Barrow Cadbury Trust, the City Bridge Trust and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation are among the initial 40 foundations to have signed the pledge at launch.

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