10 February 2020

Act now to ensure science is on the agenda for Brexit talks – #DealForScience

In June 2019 EU LIFE, EuroScience and the Wellcome Trust launched a petition urgently calling for a science deal between the UK and EU titled, #DealForScience. With the UK now having left the EU the organisers now invite everyone in the scientific community, and beyond, to sign the petition and protect science.

Researchers need certainty on scientific collaboration between the UK and EU, and with science being a key success of the EU, it should remain a priority to keep Europe competitive. International collaboration makes science stronger and the petition seeks to make sure Brexit does not disrupt this.

The petition seeks to make science a priority of the negotiations, with #DealForScience being a vehicle to make sure politicians in the UK and EU hear the message. With the UK now having left the EU the urgency for this deal has increased drastically.

The petitions calls on both parties to ensure an agreement is reached that includes:

  • A commitment by European countries to work together to make the European Research Area a world leader in science;

  • Full researcher mobility between the UK and the rest of Europe for all levels and career stages;

  • A commitment to collaboration, including UK associate membership of Horizon Europe;

  • Co-operation on regulations that support science.

Sign the petition.