26 November 2020

A warm EFC welcome to our newest member and affiliates!

The EFC welcomes its latest members and affiliates to its worldwide network of philanthropic organisations! To find out more on EFC membership and what it can provide visit here.

Our new member:

Chiesi Foundation – Italy

The Chiesi Foundation is a corporate foundation born in 2005 out of the Italian company Chiesi Farmaceutici’s commitment to social responsibility, and has numerous links today to the founding company, including the use of its business acumen and networks to create positive, impactful social change in the field of global health.

Its mission is to promote health and alleviate the suffering of patients affected by respiratory and neonatal diseases. Their geographic focus goes beyond the borders of Italy, to all those in countries where access to quality care is not yet guaranteed.

Our new affiliates:

Crann Centre – Ireland

The Crann Centre was established in 2014 to implement an evidence based, best practice model of care that delivers meaningful outcomes for the children, adults and families that use their services.

With a focus on Ireland, where they provide a suite of services and supports to those living with a neuro-physical disability, the overall goal is to break the pattern of fragmented care services, their marginalisation, increased stigma, and social isolation.

UZA Foundation – Belgium

The UZA Foundation makes scientific and medical research possible by supporting clinical research, innovation in education and patient care at the University Hospital Antwerp (UZA) and institutes in cooperation with UZA. It also provides financial support by organising fundraising campaigns and building relationships with donors and sponsors.

By supporting research teams and research projects that combine an expertise on the clinical and molecular level, of life threatening pathologies, the UZA Foundation guarantees that new insights lead to the development of improved or new therapies that will have a major impact on life expectancy and quality of life.