3 March 2021

A warm EFC welcome to our newest affiliates!

The EFC welcomes its latest members and affiliates to its worldwide network of philanthropic organisations! To find out more on EFC membership and what it can provide visit here.

Our new affiliates:

Clean Clothes Campaign – Netherlands

The Clean Clothes Campaign Network works to structurally improve working conditions and support the empowerment of manufacturing workers in global garment and sportswear supply chains. To achieve this, the organisation seeks to put pressure on companies to respect workers’ rights, raise awareness, campaign and mobilise consumers, citizens, investors, and workers and develop alliances that can transform the business model.

The Clean Clothes Campaign was created in the late eighties, and today includes 235 human rights and consumer interest groups, women’s groups and trade unions in both garment producing and consuming countries, with an international office located in Amsterdam.

Fundación Descúbreme – Chile

Fundación Descúbreme promotes the comprehensive inclusion of people with cognitive disabilities and supports sustainable and efficient management models of social investment, training, advocacy, consulting and studies.

Created in 2010 and based in Chile, the organisation is seeking the full inclusion of people with cognitive disabilities whose full potential had not been “discovered”.