27 May 2019

A huge thank you to Körber-Stiftung for gifting their share of Philanthropy House to the EFC to mark our 30th anniversary

At the EFC’s Annual General Assembly and Conference 2019, in Paris, Körber-Stiftung announced that they will gift their share of Philanthropy House to the EFC, as part of the commemorations of the EFC’s 30th anniversary.  Körber-Stiftung will officially transfer their share to the EFC in November this year.

On behalf of the entire EFC, I am honoured and humbled by this fantastic and generous gift from Körber-Stiftung. We acknowledge that it reflects a deep trust and confidence in the EFC and our work, a manifestation of their faith in our ability to continue this going forward. I would like to personally thank Klaus Wehmeier, EFC Vice-Chair and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Körber-Stiftung and Thomas Paulsen of Körber-Stiftung’s Executive Board, for their role in this and their ongoing support for the EFC.” – Gerry Salole

Körber-Stiftung, as one of the 6 original funders of the building, conceived the building in 2009 to be a hub for institutional philanthropy in Europe, to provide one roof, one home, for the philanthropic support organisations of Europe. The House, backed by 5 other philanthropic organisations, in addition to Körber-Stiftung; the Fritt Ord Foundation, the King Baudouin Foundation, Realdania, Stichting Fonds 1818, and the Van Leer Group Foundation, opened in 2013 and today hosts the EFC and several other philanthropic support organisations.

The gifting of Körber-Stiftung’s share in Philanthropy House to the EFC helps to solidify and support the EFC’s role, both in the present and the future, to champion institutional philanthropy in Europe and safeguards the future of Europe’s philanthropy infrastructure.

For more information on Philanthropy House visit www.philanthropyhouse.eu