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Online Launch Event: ”How Foundations Listen”

The launch event for ”How Foundations Listen – A Qualitative Review by Luisa Bonin” will take place online on 23 March sharing insights from the new publication. More information will follow soon. Contact Daniel Spiers Programme Officer – Peer-Exchanges & Knowledge… Read More

Civil Society Days 2023

The EESC Civil Society Liaison Group will host from 1-3 March the Civil Society Days 2023. For this occasion, citizens, organised civil society and the European institutions will gather under the theme “Civil society organisations: a pillar of democracy and a key player… Read More

Data dive into the cost of living crisis

Just as Europe is moving from emergency mode to recovery from devastating effects of COVID-19, the continent is now preparing for a new era of discontent brought on by a growing cost-of-living crisis. Inflationary pressure is becoming more persistent and broad-based. Funders are now turning their attention to how to… Read More

CaixaForum+ – access to culture for all

The ‘la Caixa’ Foundation has opened their newest CaixaForum location, though this time, its online. CaixaForum+ will provide all the culture and science of CaixaForum, at your fingertips, and comprise a large catalogue of video and podcast content for all generations and for… Read More