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“Environmental Funding by European Foundations” – Insights from Volume 6

On 6 June the European Environmental Funders Group will host a webinar sharing insights from the brand new report “Environmental Funding by European Foundations – volume 6”. Which countries in Europe receive the most environmental funding? What are the main thematic areas of environmental grants in Europe? How has environmental funding evolved… Read More

ERNOP Safe Spaces for Philanthropy 2023

ERNOP, in collaboration with Philea, will host “Safe Spaces for Philanthropy 2023” on 28 June in Zagreb, Croatia, to provide in-depth exchanges and sessions between academia and philanthropy professionals. What are ‘Safe Spaces’? Safe spaces are intended to be free of bias, conflict, criticism,… Read More

Where there is a need, there is a foundation

A recent study by the Asociación Española de Fundaciones looked at the social and economic contribution of foundations in Spain. It found that foundations are essential agents in Spain’s economy and society, not only from a charitable standpoint but from an economic one as well. Read More

Agri-Food & Research

Agri-Food & Research (AGER) was launched in 2008 and since then 32 projects have been funded with the aim of promoting the emergence of sustainable technologies in the agri-food sector, that can be easily adopted by people in the field. Managed by… Read More