20 January 2019

TIEPOLO – an insight into the EFC member exchange programme

TIEPOLO, or the Tailor-made International Exchange Programme Offering Learning is one of the EFC’s many programmes that enhance connection and foster peer-learning in the philanthropic sector.

TIEPOLO is an exchange programme that provides staff from the sector the opportunity to develop their skills, experiences and understanding of the wider sector by participating in a placement period at another organisation, often in another country. The hosts of the five day placements are matched to the participants profile and responsibilities so as to facilitate a more beneficial exchange of ideas and experiences for both parties.

Designed exclusively for EFC members, since 2012 there has been 25 exchanges, featuring 40 different organisations across 26 countries and the subject areas of these exchanges has ranged from communications, strategy and governance, through to learning and evaluation, management and more.

These exchanges provide opportunities to foster new partnerships, create new projects and initiatives,  and are drivers for further connection and exchange within EFC membership and the wider sector, all in addition to exchange of ideas, skills and experiences.

The below map highlights in brief the diversity of TIEPOLO participants so far in Europe.

For more information or to apply contact Lucia Patuzzi.