19 October 2022

Philea launches survey for latest mapping of arts and culture funding in Europe

Philea, in collaboration with the Art and Culture Thematic Network, has launched a survey on arts and culture funding in Europe, to provide an overview of philanthropic giving in this field, and shed light on the diversity of engagement by foundations in this area.

The field of arts and culture is at the core of philanthropy and is among the most important areas of funding for philanthropic organisations in Europe. In 2018, Philea (formerly the EFC) conducted a survey that provided a broad overview of philanthropic giving in this field. Through this new survey, Philea is seeking to update the main data points from the 2018 mapping, trace some learnings of how the field has changed, and identify new trends and good practices by foundations in this field.

The survey was launched at the Arts and Culture Thematic Network event “Reimagine the Future Through Arts and Culture”, hosted in Oviedo on 19-20 October by Fundaci√≥n Princesa de Asturias.

Take the survey.


Lucia Patuzzi
Senior Knowledge Development Manager