Arts and Culture Thematic Network

The field of Arts and Culture is one of the top-funded areas by Philea members. Indeed, the role of philanthropy in promoting cultural exchange and the arts is growing: In recent years, national governments have cut cultural budgets which has made the role of philanthropy even more important. However, the sector is complex, and often single funders find it difficult to identify opportunities that could have a positive impact on society.

This network brings together like-minded philanthropic representatives in a safe space to discuss, share and build knowledge on topics around arts and culture. Network members identify new trends, discuss their experiences and new projects, and find new ways of collaboration.


Focus areas

  • Audience engagement and cultural participation
  • Social inclusion
  • Health and well-being



  • Map philanthropic funding for arts and culture in Europe
  • Provide a safe space for networking, collaboration and peer-learning
  • Build capacity and enhance knowledge, including mapping arts and culture funding
  • Act as a contact point with key actors at European level, including EU institutions


Network background

Arts and culture are among the most funded areas by the members of the Philea. Following a request by several Philea members, a kick-off meeting was convened in Brussels in March 2017 for a new thematic network that would support interested members in grasping the complexities surrounding culture and the arts to help them in their funding and programmatic work in this area.


Relationship with the SDGs

Understanding European philanthropy, and how its work relates to the Sustainable Development Goals, is essential when it comes to finding ways of leveraging existing and potential areas of synergy.

The work of the Philea’s Thematic Networks cover the entire range of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (even if they don’t always refer to them explicitly), which are a key part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The work of the Arts and Culture Thematic Network touches upon the following SDGs:


Steering Committee

Chair – Kultura Nova Foundation

Vice-Chair – Fundación Princesa de Asturias

“la Caixa” Foundation
Bikuben Foundation
Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation
European Cultural Foundation
Fondation de France
Fondazione Cariplo
Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo
Fondazione CRT
Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
Fundación Princesa de Asturias
Kultura Nova Foundation