14 November 2023

Philanthropy’s engagement in the Middle East

Amidst the ongoing situation unfolding in Israel and Palestine, Philea stands in solidarity with all the victims, all their families and all their children.

We are committed to sharing information about the responses undertaken by Philea members and associates as we become aware of them.

If you are a Philea member and you would like a response listed, please get in touch.

** The content below is updated regularly. Last update – 4 April**

Member and associate responses

  • UNIMED and the Palestinian Student Scholarship Fund, in collaboration with the An-Najah National University have launched an initiative to facilitate Gaza students in completing their university education remotely (27 March
  • Myriad USA launches Gaza Humanitarian Fund to pool donations for three partners delivering critical aid to displaced individuals in Gaza (13 March)
  • The Prince Claus Fund issues a statement “calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and safe, unimpeded passage of humanitarian aid” (10 November)
  • Open Society Foundations reiterates call for humanitarian ceasefire (7 November)
  • The Chiesi Foundation issues a statement calling for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire (7 November)
  • Inter-Agency Standing Committee issues call for immediate humanitarian ceasefire (5 November)
  • The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace hosts “The Israeli-Hamas War: A Conversation with Khalil Shikaki” event (2 November)
  • Mama Cash calls for immediate ceasefire in Palestine (1 November)
  • ICRC publishes article on the long-term impact of rising violence in the West Bank (31 October)
  • The BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt shares a statement on social media (29 October)
  • Save the Children announces that 3195 children have been killed in three weeks since beginning of the conflict (29 October)
  • WHO publishes statement on conditions for civilians, patients, and health workers in Gaza (28 October)
  • UNICEF issues an appeal for humanitarian action for children of the State of Palestine (28 October)
  • War Child Holland calls for an immediate ceasefire to halt further attacks on children (28 October)
  • The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace hosts “The Israel-Hamas Conflict: What Comes After?” event (26 October)
  • WHO calls for immediate release, access to, and medical support for hostages taken by Hamas (25 October)
  • UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF, WFP and WHO issue joint statement on humanitarian supplies crossing into Gaza (21 October)
  • Plan International joins call for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza strip and Israel to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe (20 October)
  • Ford Foundation responds to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza (19 October)
  • The Center for Effective Philanthropy publishes “Philanthropy: There’s No Place for Equivocation in Israel’s Time of Need” (19 October)
  • The Center for Effective Philanthropy issue a plea for humanity and justice in Israel/Palestine (13 October)
  • The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace has published “Arab Perspectives on the Middle East Crisis” (13 October)
  • 12 aid agencies including Mercy Corps and War Child UK issue a plea to stop the violence (13 October)
  • The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace has published “A View From Israel” by Ariel Levite (13 October)
  • The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace hosted “Carnegie Connects: The Israeli-Hamas War” (12 October)
  • Bertelsmann Stiftung has released a statement to condemn the terrorist attacks on Israel by Hamas (10 October)

Partner responses

  • EVPA is compiling a list of relief organisations working on the ground in Palestine (9 November)
  • Funders for a Ceasefire Now issues “Philanthropy Open Letter for Humanity and Justice” (2 November)
  • Candid publishes how grantmakers are committing funds to relief efforts (18 October)
  • The Council on Foundations publishes a list of philanthropy’s response to the Israel-Hamas war (18 October)
  • The Chronicle of Philanthropy shares an update on how foundations and companies are aiding the victims of the Israeli – Palestinian crisis (18 October)
  • Inside Philanthropy shares how philanthropy is responding to the Israeli – Palestinian crisis so far (18 October)
  • Alliance Magazine publishes article “Israel-Palestine conflict: Charities and NGOs step in. Philanthropy not so much” (17 October)
  • EVPA CEO, Robert Bosurgi reflects on the situation in the Middle East (16 October)
  • Alliance Magazine publishes article “Progressive philanthropy is missing in action – again – on Israel/Palestine” (16 October)
  • Candid publishes an update on organisations allocating emergency aid to Israel and Palestine (13 October)
  • The Center for Disaster Philanthropy issues guidance for funders on how to support those affected by the humanitarian crisis (11 October)


Sevda Kilicalp
Head of Knowledge and Learning