24 September 2019

Philanthropy Manifesto presented to foundations in Luxembourg

The Philanthropy Manifesto was presented by the EFC to a group of foundations from Luxembourg at an event organised by Fondation de Luxembourg on 23 September, along with insights into the FATF evaluations.

The Manifesto was presented by the EFC’s Enabling Environment Manager, Hanna Surmatz, on behalf of the joint DAFNE/EFC Philanthropy Advocacy initiative, to a round table organised by Fondation de Luxembourg featuring representatives from 20 other Luxembourgian foundations and a representative of the Ministry of Justice. Building on several years of research within the global NPO coalition on FATF and hands on experience in the Belgian FATF evaluation, the meeting also saw Hanna share insights about how the foundation sector in Luxembourg can prepare for the FATF country evaluation, with Fondation de Luxembourg aiming to raise awareness of the need to prepare itself in order to control the risks.

Visit the NPO Coalition website. 

For further information contact Hanna Surmatz.