Svenska folkskolans vänner r.f. Annegatan 12 A 00120 Helsinki Finland

Svenska folkskolans vänner r.f.

Originally established to start and support primary schools and libraries for the Swedish speaking population in Finland, SFV’s mission today is much broader (see above). Today SFV has more than 9,000 members, publishes its own series of books and magazines and organises a wide range of seminars and study circles in most parts of the country.


To promote and endorse Swedish language and culture in Finland, through educational programmes, grants, scholarships and annual competitions in creative writing.

Geographic Focus

Finland (mostly the Swedish speaking regions) and The Nordic countries

Programme Areas

1. Grants and scholarships
SFV support governments and other organisations that provide Swedish language courses for children and adults.

2. Education, literature and culture
There are several methods used by SFV to spread the language and culture. Through SFV Formation (an adult education and service organisation for 57 NGO’s) they run educational programmes, with more than 950 courses and workshops, with almost 20,000 participants. They also own a training programme called Axxel, they own one publishing house, Atena, and are co-owners of another, WSOY & Söderströms. SFV also runs a cultural and educational centre called Festal (Ballroom) G18.

3. Publications
The organisation produces it’s own publications. Members receive the SFV magazine and the SFV calendar, plus new members will receive a book.

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