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They discuss European political topics that are important and relevant to young people and in doing so aim to offer the chance to engage in European political thinking and understanding. To meet these goals they offer lectures, seminars, debates, visits to embassies, exhibition visits, as well as EU Crash-Courses at schools. In direct exchange with ambassadors, federal Ministers, journalists, European Members of Parliament, EU Commissioners, Prime Ministers, scientists and artists, young people are able to experience politics up-close and to take part in the political process. Furthermore, the Schwarzkopf Foundation awards travel grants, the “Young European of the Year” prize as well as the annual “Schwarzkopf Europe Award“.

The Schwarzkopf Foundation has run the European Youth Parliament since 2004.


The foundation´s mission is to support the development of young people into politically-aware and responsible citizens by focussing on the strengthening of the European Idea and pan-European understanding. Their aim is to develop a dialogue between young people of 16 and 28 years of age and leading figures from the world of politics, the economy and culture. They provide young people with information about the decision-making process in Europe and make this process visible and tangible and thus beneficial to the education of young people.

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