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Postcode Lottery Group

The Postcode Lottery Group is a private company, fully owned by a foundation, with a social purpose that brings together business and ideals. Its sole mission is to raise funds for charities working to build a fair, green, and healthy world in which everyone can participate fully and with a thriving cultural sector. It sets up and operates subscription-based charity lotteries worldwide to raise funds for good causes.

The six lotteries in the Netherlands, Sweden, Great Britain, Germany, and Norway (together known as the Postcode Lottery Group) have nearly 14 million subscriptions (as of 2022), annually raising an amount of more than €850 million to donate to over 1,200 charitable organisations and thousands of projects. Neighbours win together, and communities locally and globally benefit from charity funding.

Since their inception in 1989, the Postcode Lottery Group has raised over € 12.5 billion for charities and social organisations worldwide, making them one of the world’s largest private charity donors. Its funding is long-term, unrestricted, and flexible, based on trust, ensuring maximum impact.


To raise long-term funding for local and international charity partners and increase awareness of their work.

Geographic Focus

Global, with a specific focus on the countries where the lotteries are active: Netherlands, Sweden, Great Britain, Germany, Norway

Programme Areas

The Postcode Lottery Group provides long-term institutional support to organisations worldwide working in the areas of (girls’) education, human rights, poverty alleviation, social cohesion, preservation of cultural heritage, nature conservation and environment, species protection and health.

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