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Emergency is a humanitarian organisation founded in Milano in 1994 to help civilian victims of war and poverty. Emergency works extensively in conflict-ridden regions, were it witnesses first-hand the short, medium and long-term consequences of war on populations and entire countries.


The purpose and objectives of the Association are as follows:
1. to promote a culture of peace and solidarity;
2. to promote the assertion of human rights;
3. humanitarian initiatives in war zones to the victims – especially civilians – of armed conflict,
and to the wounded and all those who suffer other social consequences caused by conflict or
poverty, such as hunger, malnutrition, disease, and lack of healthcare and of education;
4. to provide relief and aid to victims of natural disasters.

Geographic Focus

Conflict and war zones - From 1994 to 2018, EMERGENCY has worked in 18 different countries. Today EMERGENCY operates in Afghanistan, Iraq, Italy, the Central African Republic, Sierra Leone, Sudan, and a specialised paediatric surgical centre is currently under construction in Uganda.

Programme Areas

Paediatric and adult heart surgery
War surgery
Emergency surgery and traumatology
Basic medicine
General Medicine
Obstetrics and gynaecology

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