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Every day Aidsfonds works all over the world to end AIDS before 2030. Wherever we work, we know we must accelerate, focus and boost our efforts now in order to achieve this ultimate goal. We have the knowledge to end the epidemic. What is lacking is funding, awareness and political will to stop the epidemic in its tracks for good. For years, Aidsfonds has been playing a pioneering role in focusing the HIV/AIDS response on those population groups who are affected the most by the HIV epidemic due to stigma and discrimination. We make a stand against injustice. We tackle hurdles that others cannot attempt to overcome.
We put topics on the agenda that others will not discuss and we give support to people who others dare not support. We put communities first!


We strive for a world where there are no longer any deaths from AIDS and where people enjoy good sexual health. A world in which everyone can love freely and without fear. We do this by working together with the people who are hit hardest by HIV, STIs, discrimination and exclusion. We strengthen their voice and support them with information, knowledge and funding. For all that is love.

Geographic Focus

The Netherlands, Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Africa, Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Programme Areas

– Health
– Human/Civil Rights
– Socio-economic Development
– Poverty
– Youth/Children Development

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