17 March 2019

Massimo Lapucci, EFC Chair and ”Putting a foot in Europe’s closing doors”

Massimo Lapucci, the EFC Chair since 2017, and Secretary General of Fondazione CRT, has written an article for Alliance magazine titled ”Putting a foot in Europe’s closing doors”, that seeks to outline the shrinking of civic space in Europe and the reactions of the philanthropic sector.

The article discusses:

  • negative trends for civic society such as restrictions on foreign funding, the impact of counter-terrorism and money laundering legislation and excessive interference by public bodies
  • positive trends for civic society such as the call for the Single Market for Philanthropy, the upcoming launch of the Philanthropy Manifesto and the launch of Civitates, a consortium of foundations upholding democratic values in Europe, initiatives supported and facilitated by the work of networks such as the European Democracy network and Grantmakers East Forum
  • philanthropy’s contribution towards maintaining the infrastructure of civic space in Europe

To read the full article in full visit here.


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