European Day of Foundations and Donors

Established in 2013, the annual European Day of Foundations and Donors – held on 1 October – showcases the role of the European philanthropy sector, and aims to raise public awareness about the value of philanthropy and encourage more giving and civic action.

Public-benefit foundations, charities, trusts, communities, infrastructure bodies, donors, philanthropists and volunteers – we are all working in our own ways to build a better, more sustainable and fairer world that everyone can thrive in.

This year’s campaign theme – Solidarity, Unity, Impact – aims to shine a light on the power of solidarity and unity within our sector and its potential to tackle the many challenges facing Europe and the world.

The 2022 campaign is part of a wider movement which we launched earlier this year – #WhenWeUnite – to collect evidence-based hope, not that things will be better one day but that, in ways often small and sometimes larger, philanthropy is already making things better today. The #WhenWeUnite campaign is ongoing – and will run throughout the year, providing those within the philanthropic sector an opportunity to highlight their work, their values and their impact.

How to participate

There are many ways to engage around and celebrate the European Day of Foundations and Donors:

  1. By holding events: Philanthropic organisations across Europe hold events on or around 1 October. Philea maintains a running list of all these activities from across Europe and spreads the word online and on the dedicated hub on our website. Let us know if you are planning something!
  2. By engaging in social media activity: Organisations use social media to raise awareness about the day and, most importantly, highlight the incredible diversity and value of the work that our sector does. All you have to do is share your ideas, events, projects or thoughts on your work or the value of philanthropy using the #October1Europe. If you have space in your social media posts, you might want to consider adding the #WhenWeUnite hashtag too.

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Angela Pauly
Head of Communications
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