Children and Youth Thematic

Launched in December 2019, this network of philanthropic organisations involved in children’s issues will work to support the Convention on the Rights of the Child, helping to put children’s rights onto the international agenda, and taking a collective step towards the actual realisation of those rights. Another priority will be enhancing children’s participation and raising their voices within organisations that work on behalf of them.

View the new “Child and Youth Participation in Philanthropy” mapping

The network was officially launched at an event taking place in Brussels 3-4 December 2019. The meeting was a co-creation effort, ensuring members’ involvement in the design of the event, and a pathway forward with specific activities for the network was discussed.


The network aims to be responsive and adapt to the needs of its members in terms of peer-learning, connecting, and networking. Even though many areas of work and funding are highly specialised, there are great overlaps between specialisations, and initiatives such as this new network can provide space for members to thrive, and opportunities to share lessons, ideas and approaches, and find common ground for benchmarking and collaborating.

Network background

An exploratory meeting on the formation of a network focused on children was organised with 23 members during the 2019 EFC Annual General Assembly and Conference in Paris.

A previous Thematic Network related to children and youth had been active for several years, and this meeting aimed to explore if there was interest in establishing a new network on these issues, calling upon the experiences and lessons of the previous group, with a renewed vision and energy.

The participants’ reactions to the meeting indicated that there is a great interest in following through with this, and building a new network.

Relationship with the SDGs

Understanding European philanthropy, and how its work relates to the Sustainable Development Goals, is essential when it comes to finding ways of leveraging existing and potential areas of synergy.

The work of the Philea’s Thematic Networks cover the entire range of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (even if they don’t always refer to them explicitly), which are a key part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The work of the Children’s Thematic Network touches upon the following SDGs:

Steering Committee (Co-Chairs, Evens Foundation and Learning for Well-being Foundation)

Evens Foundation
Fondation Botnar
Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo
Learning for Well-being Foundation
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