26 January 2022

Philea Organisational Development Community of Practice meeting – Exploring the different levels of OD support

The Organisational Development Community of Practice will host a meeting on 26 January “Exploring the different levels of OD support” with Fabio Almeida, Laudes Foundation and Andrew Holland, Stiftung Mercator Schweiz.

The aim of this session is to review and discuss the different levels in which OD can support. We can do capacity building through skills training of individuals. We can also do organisational strengthening through strategic planning and other interventions at the organisational level. We can give a broader, sectoral or societal level of support, attempting to build the field by developing the supply of national consultants, training institutions or facilitators and to work with networks of organisations and movements.

Fabio Almeida will present how Laudes Foundation uses OD to complement programmatic funding in order to strengthen their partner organisations’ abilities to fulfil their missions and deliver effective results. Andrew Holland will give an intervention on how Stiftung Mercator Schweiz works on contributing to the development of a vibrant civil society by increasing partners’ agility, resilience and sustainability.

For the breakout rooms, we encourage participants to share their own experiences what form their OD support takes: individual skills-based training, for example, or support to organisational processes. We will also discuss how to link the organisation with system development? Whether and how to combine OD support with programme/project support?

For more information contact Daniel Spiers.