14 January 2022

Philea Data Science Talks – Data Trust Projects

The Philea Data Science Group, bringing together data scientists and data enthusiasts working within the philanthropic sector, will host the next edition of its Data Science Talks on 14 January 2022, this time focussing on Data Trust Projects.

At this webinar, Chloé Vandendriesche, King Baudouin Foundation and Sylvie Delacroix, Data Trusts Initiative, will present both of their models and also answer any questions you have. Sylvie will open up the session by not just presenting the Data Trust projects but will also introduce the definitions and bring in the framework that will help guide the discussion. Chloé will then follow this discussion and present to you all the case study of the DataTrust Knowledge Center that is co-managed by stakeholders in the social profit sector in Belgium.

Like previous sessions, the webinar will be very informal and we invite everyone to make it a very participatory event. As well as having insightful presentations, we will open up the conversation to allow for an interactive discussion.

For more information contact Daniel Spiers.