29 May 2022
Barcelona, Spain

Organisational Development Support Unconference

The Organisational Development Community of Practice will organise the Organisational Development Support Unconference on 29 May in Barcelona before the opening of the Philea Forum 2022.

No predetermined agenda, no specific sub-topics, no keynote speakers. The Unconference will be a self-organising, engaging, and interactive gathering, based around organisational development support where participants will draw on the available collective wisdom to discuss challenges, share successes and learn more about OD together in a strengths-focused environment.

An unconference is a participant-orientated meeting where the attendees set the agenda and host their own discussion groups.  Unconferences are great for:

  • empowering attendees to share and learn in an open environment
  • building a community rapidly
  • tapping into the creativity and wisdom of participants
  • encouraging innovative ideas
  • creating an agenda built upon the shared interests of the people attending

The Organisational Development Community of Practice will host the gathering based on a flexible, underpinning framework. Participants will develop the agenda and share through open discussions. OD Steering Group members from Laudes Foundation, MAVA Foundation, Stiftung Mercator Switzerland, Oak Foundation and PeaceNexus, will actively join conversations and share their experiences.

The Unconference is for funders who provide some kind of organisational development and capacity-building support or are considering developing it as an explicit support to their grantees; whatever form it might take (stand-alone, as a complement to other types of grants, in-kind contribution from foundation staff, etc.).

Registration is free for Philea Forum participants, and on a first-come first-served basis. The number of seats is limited to 30. To register, please email Daniel Spiers.


Daniel Spiers
Programme Manager – Peer-Exchanges & Knowledge