22 September 2022

Organisational Development Community of Practice – Providing support to networks

The Organisational Development Community of Practice will host an event on “Providing support to networks” on 22 September online to learn and exchange on how to provide organisational development (OD) support to networks

Foundations that provide organisational development support find that this helps them to deliver on their core mission and improve their partners’ organisational health. This is achieved by increasing partners’ resilience and sustainability. This applies not just to individual organisations but also NGO networks. This session will allow the participants to listen to first-hand accounts on how this support is provided, including from a grantee, in a safe and trusting environment.

The online event will be divided into three parts, with each section involving different speakers. The first level will help to frame the conversation for the audience and will explore support that is given to individual NGOs and their staff members, which can (in turn) strengthen the civil society sector in a specific country. The second level will explore what happens when grantmakers provide support to formal networks, which have been formed by NGOs, in order to achieve greater collective impact. The third and final level will look at the support that is provided to networks, with the aim of strengthening a wider ecosystem. Participants will be able to ask questions to the speakers directly, in an engaging and interactive environment.


Daniel Spiers
Programme Manager – Peer-Exchanges & Knowledge