27 September 2022  -  29 September 2022

The KoneKtor – Philanthropy East Forum (formerly Grantmakers East Forum) will host its annual meeting on 27-29 September in Warsaw, Poland, exploring “Resilience in times of crisis”, hosted by TechSoup.

The war, the pandemic, political and economic insecurity, climate disasters, migrations, and systemic racism have exacerbated the world’s and Europe’s problems since the Forum last met in Tbilisi, Georgia in 2019. As organisations, activists, and communities in civil society adapt to a world increasingly defined by uncertainty and unpredictability, their resilience is a key to creating democratic, peaceful, and just societies as well as to holding the line on backlash and attempts to roll back the progress and rights.

The Forum will be an opportunity to examine resilience from different perspectives, from those of individuals to those of communities, taking place both online and offline, as well as legal, and policy actions and the impact and value it all has for democracy at the time it is being challenged.


Alice Forsman
Programme Manager – Thematic Collaborations