22 June 2023  -  25 June 2023
Albanyà, Spain

Futures Philanthropy – Gathering of Leaders

We live in times of epochal change that requires courageous leadership, vision and collective action. The pandemic, climate crisis and a fully-fledged war on the European continent have deeply shaken our values and fundamental beliefs, the way we see the world and our future in it. 

The scale of today’s challenges requires the philanthropic sector to collectively imagine how a different tomorrow could be created.  This is the purpose of Futures Philanthropy initiative – to be better prepared for today’s and future crises, create and share futures literacy in the philanthropic community and foster collective impact of European philanthropy. 

Philea and BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt are convening the first Futures Philanthropy gathering of leaders, jointly organised on 22-25 June 2023 in Albanyà, Spain. The aim of this gathering is to bring together leaders from the European philanthropic community to explore emerging and future drivers of change, risks and opportunities and what role philanthropy can play as a catalyst of change. 

In a small group of carefully selected participants, we want to build trust, explore what is possible and create a shared understanding of philanthropy’s role in embracing change and fostering long-term view.  

Please note that this event is invitation only.