6 June 2023

“Environmental Funding by European Foundations” – Insights from Volume 6

On 6 June the European Environmental Funders Group will host a webinar sharing insights from the brand new report “Environmental Funding by European Foundations – volume 6”.

Which countries in Europe receive the most environmental funding? What are the main thematic areas of environmental grants in Europe? How has environmental funding evolved over time? Covering 126 foundations, who made 8,518 environmental grants in 2021, worth a combined €1.6 billion, the upcoming “Environmental Funding by European Foundations – volume 6” will be the most comprehensive report ever published on environmental philanthropy across Europe, and builds on the earlier reports in this series, with the value of the grants featured in the report more than doubling since Volume 5. 

During this webinar, attendees will have the chance to explore the key highlights and trends from the report, looking at how grants are distributed thematically, geographically, in terms of approach, and in relation to environmental discourses ranging from mainstream to radical.


Giulia Lombardi
Senior Programme Manager – Climate Collaborations