23 June 2022

Data Science Talks – Data-driven foundations

The next Data Science Talk by the Data Science Group will take place online on 23 June looking at “Data-driven foundations” and the operational role data can play in foundations.

Data is of strategic importance and has to be recognised as such for foundations to fully maximise their impact. Its management and use deserve the same attention as other valuable assets within philanthropic organisations. At the same time, it is cultural challenges (not technological) that come up as the biggest obstacles for data initiatives. Every level of a foundation should have awareness on how to handle data. To follow on from looking at how foundations can assist in accelerating the scale of data-driven enterprises, the next Philea Data Science Talks will explore how foundations should walk the talk.

Filippo Candela, Compagnia di San Paolo, will spearhead the session and provide both the theoretical framing on the overarching theme of how a foundation can be data-driven in its operations, before demonstrating his own work; including demonstrating the dynamic dashboards that he has developed. Whilst Filippo will be presenting in this online event, there will be a free-flowing conversation between participants in a safe and trusting environment.

To register please contact Daniel Spiers.


Daniel Spiers
Programme Manager – Peer-Exchanges & Knowledge