10 May 2018  -  5 September 2018

Culture Matters: Preserving Heritage and Transforming Spaces

Culture Matters: Preserving Heritage and Transforming Spaces was on display in Philanthropy House from the 10th May to 5th of September 2018.

Bridging the old and the new, cultural heritage plays a unique and important role in shaping and defining societies. Permeating generations through arts, literature, music, food, architecture, customs, values, skills and knowledge, cultural heritage is the fabric of society that creates identity and community.

Taking place during the 2018 European Year of Culture, the exhibition showcased a diverse selection of the vast array of work that our members support in culture and heritage. The 16 projects from all over Europe and beyond showcased philanthropy’s critical role in preserving, creating and transforming space for public benefit.

Through restoration and conservation projects, foundations are encouraging urban regeneration, preserving landmarks and transforming public spaces to make cultural heritage accessible to all.

The exhibition highlighted the diverse nature of culture in Europe today, showing visitors the exciting and innovative ways in which our members’ projects engage citizens and enhance everyday lives.

The exhibition was the result of work from 15 participating foundations and takes its name and theme from the EFC’s Annual General Assembly and Conference 2018.

The contributing organisations were: