1 March 2021  -  5 March 2021

Civil Society Days 2021

The Civil Society Days 2021 will take place online on 1-5 March and bring together European citizens, civil society organisations at all levels, and the EU institutions to debate “A Sustainable Recovery for the Future of Europe’s citizens”.

While delivering on the high expectations of its citizens, Europe must ensure that the green and digital transitions are built on the values of solidarity and human rights, social justice, equality, and on education, culture, migration, democracy, participation and entrepreneurship.

Against this backdrop, eight interactive workshops will tackle key topics, such as:

  • Multilevel sustainable democracy in Europe
  • Social Economy and youth entrepreneurship for a sustainable recovery
  • The role of education and culture in the sustainable recovery for Europe
  • The future of work in the wellbeing economy
  • Youth activism, systemic change and recovery in Europe
  • A social Green Deal for a sustainable recovery
  • The role of civil society in the renovation wave
  • The role and economic value of volunteers on the road to recovery and beyond

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