28 February 2024

Children and Youth Network – How to Involve Children and Youth in Your Work: Module 1: How to Develop a Youth Advisory Board

The Children and Youth Network will host the first module of its peer-learning journey on “How to Involve Children and Youth in Your Work” exploring “How to Develop a Youth Advisory Board” online on 28 February.

The peer-learning journey “How to Involve Children and Youth in Your Work” is a series of online webinars organised by Philea’s Children and Youth Network to take place throughout 2024. The aim is to advance youth inclusion in the work of foundations by providing concrete pathways and tools to implement. Following each module, foundations that are willing to transform their way of working with young people can benefit from input from organisations with specific expertise on a given topic.

“I may not know my rights, but you don’t know my life”. This quote by a 6-year-old from Pakistan opens the study “Children and Youth Participation in Philanthropy – Stories of Transformation”. We wish to respond to the increasing need to transform philanthropic practices and shift power dynamics by initiating a collaborative process with peer-learning on youth participation at its heart.

This is a series of modules with the schedule for the rest being: Module 2 – April, Module 3 – June Module 4 – September, Module 5 – November.


Alice Forsman
Programme Manager – Thematic Collaborations