2 September 2021

EFC publishes “Insights on how the work of EFC members changed in 2020”

At the beginning of 2021, following a challenging year of transformation seen across the globe, the EFC surveyed the Steering Committee members of its Thematic Networks to get an understanding of how their work and organisations changed in 2020.

In this follow up to the 2020 publication “EFC Members’ Responses to the Covid-19 Pandemic: Results from EFC Survey March-June 2020”, the EFC regroups their answers and reflections in a compilation of interesting initiatives.

The survey aimed to gain an overview of how EFC members and affiliates had reacted to the crisis and sought to find positive examples of what their foundations have been doing, how they’ve been supporting their grantees, and what their priorities will be for this year. Respondents highlighted both the serious challenges they faced, and the opportunities and new partnerships that the pandemic surfaced.

The publication attempts to surface these answers and distils the key challenges, learnings and best projects into a series of inspiring initiatives based on EFC members and their work.

Download the publication