18 November 2022

Culture of Solidarity Fund Eunic Ukraine edition announces grantees

The European Cultural Foundation has announced that 14 cultural organisations in 13 European countries will receive grants of up to 50,000 Euro for events which will help integrate Ukrainian culture in wider European culture, from exhibitions to assemblies, film screenings and public lectures.

The Culture of Solidarity Fund had previously launched a special call to promote the visibility and integration of Ukrainian Culture across Europe, in partnership with EUNIC (the network of EU National Institutes for Culture), with funding from several EUNIC members and with core financing led by the Goethe-Institut, the Institut Français, and Instituto Cervantes, as well as the grantmaking support by the European Cultural Foundation.

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About the Fund

Introduced by the European Cultural Foundation in 2020, the Culture of Solidarity Fund was originally set up as a corona-response mechanism for pan-European cultural initiatives. Established as a public-philanthropic partnership fund, it supported nearly 100 cultural projects that contributed to maintaining and reinforcing European solidarity and the idea of Europe as a shared public space during the pandemic lockdowns.

The war in Ukraine has put new relevance and urgency to the Fund’s Culture of Solidarity mission and calls for supporting urgent European and cultural action more than ever before. With pooled resources from a group of European co-funders, the Fund was relaunched as a pan-European effort right at the beginning of the war to respond to local cultural emergency needs. In its first four months of operation, the special Ukraine edition of the Fund has already supported 85 European arts and culture solidarity actions in and with Ukraine with a total of over EUR 1.35 million.