6 February 2020

Association of Charitable Foundations publish new report ”Impact and Learning”

The Association of Charitable Foundations (ACF) has published a new report ”Impact and Learning” that seeks to shed light on how foundations understand their own impact.

The report, informed by the Impact and Learning working group, external experts, the wider literature and ACF’s own analysis, highlights seven key characteristics of excellent practice in a foundation, which include understanding its mission, using all the tools available, avoiding harmful processes, and learning from failure.

Alongside the launch of the report, ACF’s Chief Executive Carol Mack has also written a blog, ”Stronger Foundations blog: How do foundations understand their total impact?” outlining the importance of the subject of the report, and seeking to show the value of it to the members of ACF and the wider sector. Carol Mack previously wrote a blog for the EFC’s 30th anniversary series, ”Back to the future: Questions for foundations” which also outlined a recurrent question amongst British members on assessing impact.

Download the report.