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The road to KoneKtor: Philanthropy East Forum

Some may be surprised by our continuous description of the Forum as "the first ever". Understandable, as the Grantmakers East has been around for almost as long as I have been alive. However, if one knew the process that has taken place during the pandemic and its general impact on the sector, it may not be surprising. Read More

Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy and Philanthropy Europe Association’s new release sheds light on the philanthropy landscape in Europe

This joint Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy and Philea briefing provides information on the philanthropic landscape in Europe, putting the findings of the 2022 Global Philanthropy Environment Index (published in March 2022 by IU Lilly Family School of Philanthropy) in context with Philea’s 2022 publication, “Comparative Highlights of Foundation Laws”. Read More

In times of climate crisis, we need to support local media

If a journalist’s job is to look out of the window and tell readers what is happening, disaster reporting should be easy. However, effective crisis journalism is not just about reporting on disasters. It’s also about making sure the people most directly impacted have access to the information they need on how best to find shelter, food, water and medicine. This is not easily done. Read More

Art of Fundamental Rights

Philanthropy House welcomes its new exhibition “Art of Fundamental Rights” by Nyt Europa from 1 December to 1 July 2023, consisting of seven artworks by professional artists from across Europe, each interpreting the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights through different art forms. Over time, art… Read More