2 October 2019

TIEPOLO sees two participants from Kultura Nova spend time working with colleagues in Amsterdam and London

This month two TIEPOLISTs from Kultura Nova, based in Zagreb, joined the TIEPOLO exchange programme and spent time working, sharing and learning with colleagues from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation UK, based in London, and the Prince Claus Fund, based in Amsterdam.

The Tailor-made International Exchange Programme Offering Learning Opportunities (TIEPOLO) offers the opportunity for a one-on-one exchange programme in which individual foundation staff can develop their skills by spending time working with a designated peer in another European foundation. The exchange is tailored to each participant’s particular interest and the type of specialised knowledge that they are seeking to develop and offers both the hosts and the TIEPOLISTs to learn more about how their colleagues and peers across Europe work, and share lessons, experiences and ideas.

TIEPOLO is open to all EFC members, both as a host or as a TIEPOLIST.

For more information on TIEPOLO visit the dedicated page or contact Lucia Patuzzi.