13 January 2023

The European Commission calls on foundations and the wider Social Economy to commit to digital and green transitions

On 14 November, the European Commission launched the Transition Pathway for Proximity and Social Economy. During the launch event, Commissioner Breton and MEP Patrizia Toia, Chair of the European Parliament’s Intergroup, invited foundations and other social economy actors to pledge to implementing sustainable, green and digital solutions. The Schwab Foundation highlighted what philanthropy can do to support the social economy and address climate challenge.

The Transition Pathway covers 14 thematic areas and proposes 30 different ways to support the social economy’s green and digital transition. Overall, more than 400 stakeholders participated in the definition of this common framework, including delegates from Member States, regions and cities. Stakeholders are called to pledge on the basis of these guidelines.

The call for input aims at steering the sector toward a common, shared vision, and foundations are invited to submit their proposals via this form.

The pledges gathered will help to co-implement the Transition Pathway and the Commission will assist stakeholders in sharing information and best practices. On 28 February 2023, a first evaluation of the submissions received will be undertaken, although the call will remain open on a rolling basis.

With this call to action, the European Commission aims at protecting the EU’s social economy competitiveness while it is in the process of transitioning towards sustainable and digital practices. The call for pledges is part of the new EU industrial strategy announced in 2020, and it follows the Pathway for Tourism launched in February 2022.

While continuing to deal with the economic downturn due to the pandemic, the invasion of Ukraine refocused the EU’s industrial strategy priorities on the green and digital twin transition and strategic autonomy. To achieve the European Green Deal objectives by 2050, and meet the Digital Compass targets for 2030, profound changes in the current economic model will be required.

More information can be found here.


Hanna Surmatz
Head of Policy