28 April 2020

Registrations open for EFC Research Forum Conference 2020

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Registrations are now open for the EFC Research Forum Conference 2020, exploring “Trust in science in turbulent times” in Lisbon, 8-9 October, hosted by Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.

The Research Forum continues to monitor developments regarding the ongoing pandemic and understands the difficulties this raises in planning for the future. At this moment in time,  the decision has been taken to open registrations for the conference.

We encourage anyone who would like to participate to register but refrain from booking any travel and accommodation. We will continually monitor the situation and update the conference website with any relevant developments.

The Research Forum Conference 2020 will focus on the public’s participation in science and the public’s trust in science. Citizens need to understand the major questions of science and technology in the contemporary world, because it is in the present that decisions are made, for shaping impact in the future. Solidarity, between present and future, is therefore critically dependent on the full exercise of citizenship, and ensuring that science is trusted. Therefore, we have to go beyond the deficit model and engage in meaningful dialogue, not a monologue from science to society to ensure solidarity.

The sessions of the first day will focus on diagnosing the issues related to the public’s trust in science, including the digitalisation of science production and communication, as well as the growing issue of knowledge resistance. The second day will concentrate on potential solutions to these challenges, centring on innovative methods of public engagement, and the education of future generations of scientists.

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