12 April 2022

Philea’s Disability Thematic Network meets with UN Special Rapporteur for Persons with Disabilities

Representatives from Philea’s Disability Thematic Network met Special Representative Gerard Quinn on 25 March to discuss EU legislation that protects the rights of persons with disabilities, how it is applied in member states, and to gain a better understanding of member states’ spending on disability rights.

Letizia Manzoni, Philea, and Lourdes Marquez de la Calleja, Fundación ONCE, met Special Representative Gerard Quinn to discuss the rights of persons with disabilities as part of his 10 day official visit to the European Union. Mr Quinn was particularly interested in knowing if and how the philanthropic sector provides support towards the de-institutionalisation of persons with disabilities and how it supports their independent living.

He explained that the UN system looks particularly at philanthropy as a catalyst for innovation in the civic space, and discussed how adopting intersectional approaches can help persons with disabilities to thrive. Many funders are now looking at working with a more intersectional lens, which the Special Representative agreed was the same for the UN system, but conceded that the road is not an easy one to follow.

Read the full write up of the Special Representative’s visit to the European Union here.


Letizia Manzoni
Programme Manager – Equality Collaborations