26 September 2023

Philea publishes “Assessing Research for Philanthropic Funding: Innovative Approaches”

Philea has published “Assessing Research for Philanthropic Funding: Innovative Approaches”, a report on responsible research assessment that aims to explore diverse approaches taken by foundations to enhance the fairness, transparency and effectiveness of evaluating research proposals for funding.

The publication delves into three distinct methodologies that challenge traditional assessment methods and offer innovative alternatives: 1. Using artificial intelligence (AI); 2. Adopting narrative curriculum vitae (CVs); and 3. Implementing randomised selection. It provides an overview of general principles of responsible research assessment, key framing documents and recommendations for implementing these principles; and offers examples of the real-world application of these methods by various foundations and organisations.

While these approaches demonstrate the innovative potential within research assessment, they are by no means an exhaustive representation of all available tools and methods. Nevertheless, they serve as compelling illustrations of the ongoing efforts to revolutionise evaluation practices and foster a more inclusive and equitable research ecosystem.

Download “Assessing Research for Philanthropic Funding: Innovative Approaches”


Ilaria d’Auria
Head of Programmes – Thematic Collaborations