27 September 2023

Philea expresses solidarity with the victims of the floods in Libya

We were all deeply saddened by the devastating floods that struck Derna and the surrounding areas in Libya, resulting in profound loss of life and wholesale destruction. Our hearts go out to those affected and to those currently facing urgent needs such as food, shelter, access to clean water, medical care, and healthcare services.

We are committed to sharing information about the responses undertaken by Philea members and associates as we become aware of them.

If you are a Philea member and you would like a response listed, please get in touch.

** The content below is updated regularly. Last update – 27 September**

Member and associate responses

  • UNICEF has launched an appeal for donations to help children impacted by the floods (20 September)
  • The WHO Foundation is calling for donations to the flood response (19 September)
  • CAF America have has produced an overview of the response from organisations in the US and around the world (19 September)
  • The Council on Foundation has created guidance for funders providing relief to Morocco and Libya (15 September)
  • The ICRC is distributing medicines, food, body bags, first aid kits and household items (14 September)
  • The IFRC has announced a CHF 10 million appeal for urgent relief efforts (13 September)
  • The International Rescue Committee has created a webpage on how to help after the floods in Libya (12 September)