24 February 2023

Philanthropy Statement of solidarity and support to the people of Ukraine

As we mark the one-year anniversary of the unjust and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine and condemn the continued aggression of the Russian regime, we remain committed to supporting an independent, resilient, secure and sustainable Ukraine.

We stand resolutely with Ukraine, as we did a year ago, and aim to provide timely and ample support to Ukrainians. We will work to ensure that Ukrainians have the necessary resources required to serve and meet the needs of vulnerable communities and populations displaced and impacted by the conflict.

We support accountability, international law, and a just and sustainable peace that is a cornerstone of restoring global stability, ensuring human rights and recovery of the damage done to Ukraine and to mitigate the far-reaching and destabilising impacts of Russia’s actions around the world.

We are fully aware and prepared to act given the unprecedented scale of the death and destruction in Ukraine and depth and complexity of needs. We also recognise that short and long-term support for Ukrainians will be required beyond the end of the current conflict in a post-war Ukraine. Philanthropy’s joint and coordinated efforts and experience make us uniquely prepared to be an impactful partner to Ukrainians and respond now and in the future to challenges with our collective energy, knowledge and resources.

We are committed to addressing the enormous human costs of this war, strengthening Ukrainian democracy and to support immediate and strategic recovery and reconstruction by prioritising the role of the Ukrainian people and ensuring a strong role for its civil society and relevant stakeholders. Transparency, accountability, sustainability, and inclusivity are central to Ukraine’s successful reconstruction, recovery, and resilience.

Our support and solidarity with Ukraine also extend to addressing key challenges, exacerbated by the Russian regime’s aggression, such as rising food insecurity, humanitarian crises, climate change, global supply chain disruption and economic distress internationally.

We believe that our support for Ukrainians, and to address global challenges, deserve and require our sustained collective investment and energy, and can be successfully overcome if we work together and remain resolute in the strength of our convictions.

We have the ability and collective responsibility to think and act today and in the long-term, and through this statement today express our unwavering commitment and support to Ukrainians on this solemn occasion. In turn, we understand that we cannot withdraw our support from other commitments we have already made.

We are making this statement not only in reference to Ukraine, but anywhere where aggression and injustice are placing people and planet in peril.

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