20 February 2024

‘Philanthropy Back to the Drawing Board’ translated into Mandarin Chinese

Rien Van Gendt’s ‘Philanthropy Back to the Drawing Board’ has been translated into Mandarin Chinese, sharing the book and its insights on philanthropy with a wider global audience.

Translated by the Shanghai Adream Charitable Foundation using AI under the Creative Commons license, the book urges philanthropy to critically and reflectively assess how it can best live up to the promise it makes – and the responsibility it has – of investing private resources for the public good. It touches upon many areas such as the legitimacy of philanthropy; the advantages and pitfalls of collaboration; aligning investments with mission; making the most effective use of philanthropic spending; operating systems and styles; and relationships with grantees and local communities, among several other topics. 

‘Philanthropy Back to the Drawing Board’, was published by Philea with the support of European Cultural Foundation and Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo

Access the Chinese translation.


Sevda Kilicalp
Head of Knowledge and Learning