24 May 2019

We are the audience

This sentence may seem provocative or absurd. However, communications experts are sometimes perceived as being «they»: They have written something; they have published something; they have posted something. They versus the readers? Is there a visible and apparent difference between the two? This difference is only formal. It doesn’t say anything about the «why» and «how», in short, nothing about the content.

If «content defines the form», then it is a communicator’s duty to put content into suitable texts and formats. All too often, however, others dictate the content and its form. Can communications professionals be content with that? Should they?
We are you, and you are we. We pack, we distribute, we inform. We help. We help each other. We are the audience.

Congratulations to 30 years of EFC communications and many more to come!


Alexandra Guentzer

Head of Communications, Jacobs Foundation