16 March 2020

“Our Goals”

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) concern us all. They deal with how we interact with each other, society and nature. A new initiative has been launched to attract attention to Denmark’s work with the SDGS. The “Our Goals” project is unique in its effort to reach out to Danish citizens, the private sector, civil society and academia making it possible for everyone to contribute to making the UN objectives for sustainable development operational in a Danish context.

All actors across Danish society are invited to join “Our Goals” which is based on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The goals put Denmark and the rest of the UN member states under an obligation to work towards a sustainable development, ranging from good health and well-being and climate action to quality education and responsible consumption and production. The steps towards attaining the SDGs are accompanied by a number of targets and indicators for all UN member states. The Our Goals project will unfold the SDGs in a Danish context and develop supplementary indicators rooted in Denmark. Doing so, we will have relevant milestones reflecting everyday life in Denmark.

With this project, we wish to ensure that Denmark’s efforts towards the SDGs have the necessary effect. We must ensure a sound basis for our efforts in order to measure the development and ensure that we move in the right direction towards 2030.

The Our Goals project aims to reach all Danes through events, workshops, social media, a dedicated web site etc., giving everyone an opportunity to offer their input to the supplementary Danish SDG indicators.

“In some form or another the Sustainable Development Goals will affect the everyday life of all Danes. This is why the Our Goals project aims to give everybody a chance to have their say in the supplementary indicators. To ensure active involvement events will be held all over the country and all interested parties will be given an opportunity to join”, says MP Kristian Jensen, former Danish Minister of Finance and chairman of the Danish Parliament’s cross-party network for the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The project will be concluded with a report with a minimum of 169 national indicators by which it is relevant to measure progress in Denmark. The report will be presented to the Danish Government and the Danish Parliament and it will create a sound basis for the Government’s review of the political action plan for the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the autumn of 2020.

A panel of sustainability experts are behind the Our Goals project, which was established by the Danish Parliament’s cross-party network for the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The Our Goals project receives support from the Danish Industry Foundation, the Lundbeck Foundation, Nordea-fonden, Realdania, the Ramboll Foundation and Spar Nord Fonden.


Tine Wickers

Head of Communications, Nordea-fonden