16 September 2019

Open letter to new Commission and Parliament calls for protection of EU values and civil society

The Active Citizens Fund has released an open letter calling on EU decision-makers to protect European values as outlined in Article 2 of the EU Treaty, with a specific call to protect the space for civil society, which has come under pressure in recent years.

The “Open Letter for the New European Commission and European Parliament – Our Expectations from the New EU” consolidates the messages coming out of the International Civil Society Forum held in Bucharest in June and organised by the Active Citizens Fund.  The conference brought together 200 participants from across Europe. DAFNE-EFC Philanthropy Advocacy and King Baudouin Foundation contributed to the event and presented Philanthropy Advocacy’s Philanthropy Manifesto.

DAFNE and EFC welcome this open letter and look forward to continued collaboration with civil society actors in protecting and building civil society.

Read the full letter.