7 May 2020

New to philanthropy? Check out these professional development resources for newcomers

The COVID-19 crisis has compelled us all to find new ways of learning and working. Several EFC members are encouraging their junior staff to make the most of this time and focus on professional development.

Numerous resources are available to support the professional development of those who are new to the field of philanthropy. However, with so many resources to choose from, these newcomers may need some guidance in finding the best ones.

To serve this need, we have prepared a selection of the most contemporary and useful resources to help any newcomer to philanthropy better understand the field.

These recommended resources cover the following core areas:

  • Major trends in philanthropy and insights into the funding landscape to help newcomers gain a broad understanding of the field
  • How philanthropic organisations can measure impact
  • Learning from experience and practices to enhance impact
  • Communicating about the organisation’s impact
  • Global frameworks and promising tools for creating systems change

To accommodate different learning styles, our recommendations include a wide variety of resources such as online publications, webinars, online courses, podcasts and academic resources.

Contact us to get your guide to professional development resources for newcomers!

If you are an EFC member and would like to receive this guide to professional development resources for newcomers, please contact Sevda Kilicalp.


Learn more about EFC peer-learning opportunities

Our members can safely share their knowledge and learn from their peers through our peer-learning programmes and exchanges, including:

  • Our Next Gen programme –  geared toward newcomers to philanthropy giving them a unique chance to interact with leading philanthropy practitioners from Europe and around the world, and form lasting networks with their peers.
  • Our TIEPOLO exchange programme –  a one-on-one exchange programme in which individual foundation staff can develop their skills by spending time working with a designated peer in another European foundation.

Tailor-made peer-learning experiences for your staff

Would you like us to design a peer-learning experience for staff members at your organisation? If you are an EFC member, get in touch to explore the possibilities! Please contact Sevda Kilicalp.


Learn more about the EFC Knowledge Hub

For EFC members, the Knowledge Hub serves as a resource for informing strategic decision-making and identifying peers and partners. Members can request information from Knowledge Hub staff through our research service, or browse the EFC Virtual Library – our fully-searchable collection of more than 1,000 free-to-download publications on philanthropy and foundations.

For more information on this resource list, the EFC Knowledge Hub, or to give feedback, please contact: Isabelle Piette.